Color Theory: Mixing Paint Colors : Color Theory: Color Temperature
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Color Theory: Mixing Paint Colors : Color Theory: Color Temperature

Color also is given a temperature that is
we perceive some colors as being warm, yellow like the sun would be warm and some colors
as cool. The classic one is you think blue, you think water, you think cool. Those have
other ramifications that we’ll talk about later, but first let’s explore what looks
warm and what looks cool. Like I said we’ve started, blue is a great one because there’s
actually two, there’s sort of three basic blues that they sell. One is ultra marine
which is what I’ve got there. Another is called phthalo blue, phthalocyanine and when I paint
that one and when I loosen it up, look how much sort of greener it is than that blue.
So this isn’t a true blue it’s got too much green in it, but it’s so it belongs over here
and it’s sort of coming to a, we would call that a warm blue. If you can have a variety
of blues that’s a warm blue. By contrast if we want a cool blue I’m going to take my ultra
marine over here and I’m just going to put a little bit of the red violet in it. You
know you can have a color that there is a cool blue okay. So you’ve got a cooler blue
and warmer blue. This is helpful A because warm colors advanced and cold colors recede.
So if you want a blue that pops up you may want to go for a green, a warm blue not a
cool blue. The other thing that you that this pertains to is mixing colors, you’re going
to get a better green. Remember I had trouble getting a good a decent green. I’m going to
get a better green if I do my blue, my phthalo blue which is already on the green side of
blue with my yellow. If I do that I’m going to get a more intense green and it’s going
to be a far better green.

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