Cloud Alpaca Color Paint
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Cloud Alpaca Color Paint

Hi I’m Magnaomega in another speedpaint video This time I show you how I color this lineart First I paint a flat color background And from that color I’m choosing other colors Although the colors are going to be
changing in the middle of the process In a new layer i color the
body with a single color. Once finished, I create a new layer. I active “clipping” so the paint doesn’t
come off the edges of the base color For the shadows, i took the body base color. And I choose a darker color with a little blue. I must assign a light source. To find out where to go the shadows. I do the same with the other colors. I select the base color, then darken
a bit and add some blue color. For shine color, I create a new layer
and use the background color. I change the layer to �overlay� then the color are blend I make the specular throughout the body. The glowing elements i paint it in a new layer. And change the layer fusion to “ADD” to shine more. Along with this, I add light bounce. To separate the figure of the character of the background. I paint white the lineart of the
objects that glow like neon. That makes them shine even more. The background is a nightmare to me.
Even if are just colors. So I can take several hours to achieve
something that pleases me. I add patterns to give a more interesting twist. And here begins the game, by changing the colors with “HUE” To achieve higher contrast and something more interesting. Many trials and errors … Some color corrections. A pair of post effects. And here the result.

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  1. I like your videos. i try to lern more about painting and modeling on the pc and your videos where some of the most informatives. (And they are very nice pictures) (srry for my bad english :P) and i ❤️ your videos^^

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