Clip Studio Paint Tutorial | 4 Preferences Set up
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Clip Studio Paint Tutorial | 4 Preferences Set up

Hello everyone and welcome back to CLGTart Channel let’s continue with Clip Studio Paint
tutorial series for basic. Today we will talk about preferences in CSP and I’m using MAC OS anyway When you open CSP, you’ll go to the
menu CSP And choose preferences. Or simply using hot key Ctrl/Cmd + K Then the Preferences box will appear With Preferences box, you can edit and change how those things work in CSP that fit your choice Such as: Tools, Interface, Canvas,… The best exampleto show you how it works is interface You may be wondering why my CSP looks different from yours, because it has dark / black colors and not white. You can change it by simply click to the interface tab in the menu on the left. There will be a “Color” box. Choose the dark color or the light color
depending your choice And adjust the density bar by dragging it to make it darker or lighter. The same goes for the white color. Drag the bar if you want gray or white colors. I prefer dark color anyway. Next is the IME (Input Method Editor) control. When this box is checked, the input will be automatically activated when editing the text layer That also means this box will affect the text when you start writing something I just figure out one thing. You can see
that I’m from Vietnam. And I have some special words in my language that require different input when I write. So I have to change the input to VNI, not ABC for English. And the problem is that when I checked the box I just mentioned, the input is automatically changed back to ABC, not VNI as I supposed it should be. At first I think it’s a bug. Until I know about this box and unchecked it. If you have the same problem about the input method as me, Make sure to check or uncheck this box to fix that annoying things. This is the tiny things but it will make you spend more time than you think. So better check it. When you finish, remember to click OK to save new set up to the program The next thing that I want you to pay attention is the cursor tab. This tab will help you change the look of the cursor. Check the box “Shape of cursor” to do it. With the menu for specific type of cursor (brush, eraser, pen,…) you can change how it looks I prefer the Brush size and Cross more. I choose 3 different looks for 3 types of cursor to show you the example. Right now I’m choosing the pen and the cursor I chose is Triangle. So that’s why the cursor now is a small triangle like this. I guess it fitted for who loves painting. I change to the brush. Now it has the circle in the brush size. And have the cross in the middle With this cross, you will know exactly where your ink will appear. That’s why I prefer it the most This is a best option if you want to draw something careful, create perfect connection lines (drawing background is example) For the Eraser, I chose “None” so you can see anything and where the brush is. Until I start to erase something. And that’s how you change your cursor’s shape with Preferences. Choose the best one for you. Next is the Canvas tab those setting will help you to creating
automatically and just one time edit is enough In this tab you can choose the way to view your canvas Default or High quality. You can also change the transparent background color with “Transparent” box too. You already know that the transparent background is a checkered canvas of white and gray color So there will have 2 box, 1 is white and 1 is grey Now you can make it look not boring anymore by changing the grey to pink. That’s cool right? Next is the File tab with the important setting that you must do! It’s Auto Save or Canvas Recovery You check the box to enable this feature. Then you can set time for it. The time they use here is minutes. With the lowest is 5 minutes and
the highest is 16 minutes. Those thing is really important
when you start to using CSP So make sure to visit this box for checking something first. In case you want to know
more about Preferences You can open the Manual Guide from CSP and read more about it. Here is the link of CSP Manual Guide. You can write this link down or check in the comment. Go back to homepage to check something slowly Or you can use the search bar to find for specific things you need to know. There’s ton of basic things in this website And that’s all about this video I hope this one is not really boring since it’s about basic things anyway. That’s why the next video will be little more exciting to lift you up a bit from learning It’s a tutorial to help you creating some effect for your comics/arts It can be used for both CSP and Medibang too. Please look forward to it šŸ˜€ After that I will be back with my basic thing again tehee. Because I know there’s still someone like me few months ago and so confused Thank you for watching and see you
in the next one

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