Child painted in oil colors
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Child painted in oil colors

Salutare lume! Si bine ati revenit pe canalul meu ! Daca esti pentru prima data aici, Numele meu este Costel Andone Si astazi va voi prezenta …. METEO A fost o gluma!!!! Acum cateva zile in urma Am vizitat cu familia mea Cel mai frumos ,si cel mai minunat Castelul CHATSWORTH Am vazut acolo cele mai frumoase picturi, Statui deosebite, O arhitectura foarte complexa Si o gradina foarte frumoasa. Acesta vizita a fost o mare inspiratie pentru clipul de astazi! Deci am decis sa pictez, In stilul marilor maestri! Dar inainte sa incep , TE ROG! Nu uita sa te abonezi, LIKE Si SA DISTRIBUI! Am facut pentru tine, Un scurt video la castelul CHATSWORTH Si……… Sper sa va placa!!!!! Sa incepem sa pictam TEOAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Va multumesc pentru vizionare!

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100 thoughts on “Child painted in oil colors

  1. Hello my friend very nice video my friend Of course stay contact with you new my friend 🤗👍🛎✔👈

  2. Thank you very much for this wonderful video! The shots from the castle are awesome and your painting is outstanding. Congratulations! I wish you a happy day and have a wonderful rest of the week – best greetings .. Ebi

  3. Wowwww !! What an amazing art ! Enjoyed watching it ! Subscribed to your channel #556. New friend here ! 😊

  4. Got to say my guy, after all other artist videos ive seen i think that yours just might be the most interesting one 😊 as always your art is amazing just as much as your videos 😄👍

  5. Thank You so much for sharing another very beautiful video, dear friend !😘
    It was as always a real pleasure to watch !❤️
    Wish You a wonderful evening !
    Many kind greetings,

  6. Hello Costel You have amazing talent . Thank You for sharing . Big like for your beautiful painting . One more red button pushed! I hope to see you again soon . Have a great day:)

  7. Wow !!!! Very beautiful pattern, bright colors. You are very good at drawing. We enjoyed watching the video !!!!

  8. Hi Costel! What a beautiful view of Chatsworth! How fun to have the family there in such a beautiful place. Your drawing of a child inspired by visiting is beautiful, and I loved watching your video, especially the paint mixing and oil pouring. Fantastic video, Costel!

  9. Awesome 👏 painting Costel, your use of color is amazing and the reflection of the sun in the water looks really cool 😎 big thumbs up for this video dude 👍🏼🔥

  10. 67likes!! I can’t believe why this video view is so Low!!! It should be famous
    Omggg what a satisfying watched!!!
    Full watched
    Stay connected ❤️❤️❤️
    I will support you always!
    You are so talented!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  11. Super good video friend! Big thumbs up!! 👍🏻 Enjoy watching a lot!! Thank you for sharing!! 💕😊👏🏼

  12. Oh wow! Your a great artist and I'm so happy to be connected to you, I know I could learned from your channel… Love it :))

  13. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Very good video my friend I like it 😘 thank you for sharing🙏

  14. wow,ur so amazing,,ur good in drawing as well,,keep making more videos,,new friend here from hongkong, let stay connected

  15. The cinematics in this are incredible and the art is beautiful. I am so humbled by seeing this.. thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

  16. Hi Costel, your painting is very impressive. I also like the way you present the video. Thanks for sharing. I have subbed to your channel too. Have a great day

  17. Costel Andone, What a wonderful painting on the first page of your new journal. I enjoy watching the entire process of your presentation, the setup, the paint dabs, the drawing, that is so well drawn, and your looks at the camera, are priceless. Was that your family with you?

  18. Wow!! What an amazing castle!! The castle grounds were absolutely stunning!! Beautiful oil painting!! You are an awesome artist!! And so entertaining!!😃❤️👍

  19. Very nice tour . Art objects are exquisite. Nice painting of the child. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day friend.

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