Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Defending Buildings
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Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Defending Buildings

This is Robert Stewart with And
before we talked about taking a building and inserting your team members into the building.
And briefly, I touched on at the end that players start getting eliminated pretty quickly
when you aggressively go after a building. Even if you’re doing it right, somebody’s
going to get painted in a very rapid fashion. Now when you look at the board now, what I’ve
done is the green team has entered the building, they’ve eliminated two of the red players
and and they’ve basically taken up similar positions. Now there’s a lot of reasons you
could be defending a bunker depending on the type of game you’re playing. And there could
be a lot of reasons it’s essential that a team take a building. In this case, this is
about the worst possible scenario, but this happens a lot, and especially with new players.
The red team has made a commitment to hold this building. The green team has entered
and now this player is all on his own in here. Now, if I were playing this, I would make
them move on me first in order to hopefully get some shot off before I’m eliminated. If
they come in high low right now, you can only shoot at one person at a time. So more than
likely, just because they out number you, they’re going to be able to take you. The
way that would look, in this particular case is, if you’ll notice that when this green
player gets behind this wire spool, this element of cover, he can fire directly in to the door
way where the red player has stationed himself. He’s being forced away from the door way.
Now when he loses control of the immediate door way the other player can either move
up and then cover this area, further reducing the area that the red player can move to.
So by the time that this maneuver here, high low has been carried out, with this green
player delivering cover fire, forcing the red player to this side of the building, this
player moves up and can now cover this much of the room that the red player is in. At
this point, this green team player can move up on the door way and open up a new shooting
line. The bottom line is this guy’s going to get dug out of his hole even if the green
team has a player eliminated in the process.

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9 thoughts on “Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Defending Buildings

  1. I hate entering a building. I always have the elemnt of suprise and when the other guy is suprised the first intention is to shoot, even it's point blank range X(

  2. why would you go to a different side, just back up a bit and let the opposite wall cover you. keep your angle on the door just go a few steps back so the guy who is wide left cant see you. his only option is to come out of cover and move up, in which case the defender now has the advantage. never give up a good angle unless you have no other option at all

  3. hes showing us how to defend if your the last player its last man standing if u were paying attention you would of noticed that

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