Acrylic Abstract Painting on Canvas – Speckled Pebbles – Inspiration Conspiracy Hop
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Acrylic Abstract Painting on Canvas – Speckled Pebbles – Inspiration Conspiracy Hop

Hello everyone. In this video I will be showing you how to paint a speckled pebbles abstract painting. I will be using this 6″ by 12″ canvas that was pre-primed with gesso I will also be using this ¾” flat brush, this ¼” flat and a number one liner brush. …and also some acrylic paint I have magenta, violet blue, prussian blue, sap green and titanium white. I’m going to use the ¾” brush and I’m going to mixed magenta with some white and apply it to the corner Don’t forget to do the sides. …a bit more white. I’m going to rinse my brush off. Dip it in the white and pick up some purple and then blend it into the pink. I put water on the brush. It helps to blend it. Rinse the brush off again. Pick up some more white… …and prussian blue and blend it into the purple. Ok. I am not going to clean the brush off because I don’t want it to be green. I just want to mixed a bit of the blue and the green. …and add the white. It kind of makes like a dark teal, I guess. While this layer of paint is drying I would like to tell you that this video was part of a collaboration with other artist called the Inspiration Conspiracy Video Hop. So when you are finished watching this video look down in the video description box below and you will see the links to the other Hop participants. Click on the 1st link in the description box and that will take you to the next Hop video. It’s pretty easy and fun! Ok. Now I am going to take my paint brush and dip it in some water, and take some white… …and some magenta and mixed it to create a lighter colour. Add some water to it. I am going to take a piece of paper and just test it. That’s good. Then just speckle the whole thing. I am going to use this old worn out brush because I like the way it spatters better. Now I am going to add a little bit of white. Now I am going to let it dry and then I will continue. OK. Now that it is dry I am going to take this white chalk pencil and draw on some pebbles I am going to keep them kind of roundish. I am only going to have them going that way so I am just going to draw on a pattern Small and large pebbles. Then I will use some black paint to outline it. There you go. You could probably do some on the side too if you want I am going to leave it blank. Ok. Now I am going to take this liner brush… …mix a little water with my paint. Just so that it flows better. Just going to outline where all the chalk is. …and fill in the little holes that are left. Now I am going to fill in these spaces with black acrylic paint. Now I’m going to highlight the edges right here, of each pebble with a bit of acrylic white paint and some water. Just going to thin out the paint a bit. Just doing an ink-like consistancy. I am just going to add a little bit to this adge here Add to this edge again. Same edge as this one. As if the light is coming from this way. And here is the final results. Well, I hope you try it. So please leave a COMMENT, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! …and to find the next video, click on the first link in the description box to continue with the Hop. I appreciate you being here and participating in our video hop. THANKS for watching and have a GREAT day! Bye Bye! 🙂

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79 thoughts on “Acrylic Abstract Painting on Canvas – Speckled Pebbles – Inspiration Conspiracy Hop

  1. Very cool technique. I've seen this thumbnail in my feed for a few days and finally clicked on it. I was surprised at how uncomplicated this was.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. es preciosoooo 😲 no sabía que se podian hacer cosas tan bonitas con acrilicos. felicidades por tu maravilloso trabajo.

  3. I must have a go at this! It's so beautiful and unusual. Thanks for your tutorial, very much appreciated!

  4. Amazing tutorial!! I tried my first acrylic painting ever with this video !! Thank you. I will post the picture if I can.

  5. How does everyone afford the deep canvas'. I'm still using the cheapo thin ones 🙁 Great work by the way, thank you for sharing… this is only about the 4th or 5th time I watched it..

  6. I agree with the comment below – I was surprised when. You started painting over everything in black! I never would have guessed that’s how you went about getting the pebbled look, but it’s gorgeous end result!

  7. I tried this technique after watching your previous video with grey on a glass bottle. It looks fantastic! Thank you. Going to try this colour combination too!

  8. Very nice! I never thought of using a liner for outlining— thank you for educating me! Many kudos to whomever thought of the hop idea.

  9. Omg….I love you! I mean….I love your work! Your paintings are ME! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. IT! I've been saving up for and collecting everything I think I need to get started and trying to find my inspiration. I don't know what I want to paint but I know it's somewhat abstract! I've been studying acrylic pouring for months! I thought that was "it" four sure! Now that I've seen your work…I'm not…sure anymore! I know that about ten videos ago, I got real exited when I saw you painting and I've been binge watching all morning! I can't stop! I have my acrylic paints…I even bought some fiber paste just KNOWING I want to use it. I really LOVE acylic pouring but I've got OCD so bad and there's just got to be some kind of control on my part in my paintings. I did start oil painting a few years ago and I took some classes but the teacher was a bit controlling and didn't want me to go in the direction I felt like going to. Example: He said "We're going to paint a few trees today.", and I was like, "Ok, but I want to paint dead trees or trees that just don't have any leaves." He really didn't like that. He said I HAD to put leaves and colorful leaves at that! (?!) Oh dang, I'm writing a book here…sorry. I knew before I even found your videos that I was going to jump in this morning and paint something…anything! Now I'm exited but also confused.

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