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*Wholesome Intro* Take a Hardboard measuring 13″ in height and 12″ in width Mark a line of 3″in the upper right corner of the board Do the same on the opposite side now Draw a line from top to bottom corner *REPEAT* Now mark the middle point on top and bottom of the board On the lower side it’ll be 6″ from right and left Mark 2″ on both upper lines Sketch a line from the found marks to the upper middle point Now mark a dot on 3″ from the bottom line repeat the same on opposite line *Sorry of the mistake* 🙂 Mark 2″ on the bottom middle Now match the lower point that is 3″ with the middle point DO THE SAME ON THE OTHER SIDE Now match the point with the point we made earlier in the video Repeat on the other side Now draw a refrence point on both sides to keep the line straight Match the lines on the middle with with keeping them straight Cut the extra pieces CAMERA MAGIC 😉 Cutout will look like this Take the reference piece amd start marking on your drywall with a pencil The wall will look like this Draw a line on the middle Now it looks 3D Paint with desired color but use acrylic paint Contrast it with any color Now third color And now you have your wall painted SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE Thankyou 😉

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