What is a gun, that means gun.

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Dictionary → R → ru → gun Ms. GUN weapons in General persons. Strel'no. They have no guns no nothing to defend. || Strelna two-handed weapon consisting of a barrel lock boxes and tool RIFLE hand firearm or pneumatic weapon with a long hunting stromboidea R. R. rifled Smoothbore Anti-tank R. to Be under the gun of the army to be a military combat position. In R. to become obsolete in operation. In R. team get in formation with rifles. Call for R. to call for military service. The gun - guns of mn. rifles rifles rifles Firearms Ms. manual smoothbore gun with a long barrel. To charge the gun. Flintlock. Hunting rifle. To shoot a gun. In the gun to become military. - line up to join the ranks prepare for battle. to call under the gun is to call for military service. Under the gun to deliver - to make to stand for some time in full armor and gear punishment in the tsarist army. to be under arms -1 to be in a military firing position about армии2 to serve in the army. stand under the gun to stand in full armor and equipment serving a sentence in the Imperial army, see above. Ms. Firearms manual smooth-bore guns with long nesaretnam - unlike the rifle -

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