The world's most expensive hunting rifle

04 january 2017, 02:09

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The Swedish company VO Vapen engaged in the exclusive manufacture of weapons was founded in 1977 gunsmith Viggo Olsson. Today this company produces the most luxurious hunting rifles that are made entirely by hand. All products are produced in very limited quantities every year it produces only a few guns. See posts the tallest buildings are The sexiest jeans in the Most bizarre collections Only 12 photos 1. The company is a supplier of the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and with great success supplying its ultra-exclusive products to the markets of the Middle East. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan crown Prince of Abu Dhabi is a great lover of weapons that produces firm VO Vapen. 2. One of the latest innovations of the company VO Vapen is a new hunting rifle, the VO Falcon Edition. The price of this unique weapon is 820 thousand dollars which makes this gun the most expensive in the world. It is more expensive than a good house. 3. It is planned to produce only five of these guns. One is already done and fans of this weapon remains the ability to order 4 more of these the instance. 4. Octagonal barrel exclusive hunting rifle, the VO Falcon is made entirely from Damascus steel and is in harmony with the butt made of the finest walnut root and decorated with exquisite paintings depicting falcons. 5. Master Viggo Olsson argues that the VO Falcon is the only gun with a barrel made of Damascus steel. 6. The tree for the stock-master Viggo Olsson was chosen personally. The entire process of wood processing was also done manually. 7. Wood is aged for three years in special circumstances to give them the desired condition. 8. The process of polishing and finishing the butt of his rifle VO Falcon is almost five weeks. 9. Clients are given the opportunity to choose a wood blank for your rifle and shotgun will be done at the hand of the future owner. 10. The decor of each of the five VO Falcon rifles will be completely unique. 11. The design of the rifle VO Falcon uses a unique patented system that allows you to change the caliber of the rifle as needed. 12. Firm VO Vapen feels the need to assure their customers that if the shot did not reach the goal it will happen, certainly not the fault of the gun VO

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