The same situation remained and in the 1920s, as the firm was focused on European and

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The same situation is preserved in the 1920s, as the company was focused on European and American markets hunting weapons. By this time the company has acquired the name Simson amp Co. Suhl. One of the rifles and called model USA. It was a single barrel gun lock-on system Anson-Delay upper locking double Kersten bolt lower -Purdue dual frame and a ventilated sighting strap base for which was the design of the rifle. The trunk is planted deep in the Shoe. The gun was released with the barrel only 12 gauge with a pistol to the neck of the Lodge and the ledge under the cheek, or straight neck. It weighed 38 kg and was designed for sporting and training shooting. Have cost the model more than any Grabovogo double barrel shotgun, Simson in hunting performance.

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