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Link The man received an unexpected gift. The new Yorker Joel Berman Joel Berman received in the mail a real weapon instead of a toy airplane Chronicle with reference to . The pensioner has decided to use the services of the online store to select a Christmas gift for a friend's son. Friends persuaded Berman to explore the Internet and was advised to proven website. However, in the delivered package instead of a toy was a real weapon and ammunition permit for carrying a concealed weapon and copy of driver's license male from Arizona. Berman was at home with his wife and six year old granddaughter called the police. The representatives responsible for the delivery company UPS said that sometimes transporterowych parcels with firearms but under the current legislation. Sending these goods to individuals is prohibited. The pensioner has promised that he will get the plane for a child up to the Christmas holidays. - Piglet - What - Do you have a gun at home - Is. - Bring them out If you wonder why earlier in the Soviet cartoon Winnie the Pooh asked Piglet about a rifle and Piglet is so easily said Yes, And all the dialogue sounded matter-of-factly like a Piglet should be a gun - thought Winnie the Pooh of Course I have the gun, thought Piglet. Where did this little cute pink pig gun For those who read the original story by Alan Milne of the question would not have arisen. But what about the rest Anyone who watched or read a story about Winnie the Pooh knows what's next with the house of Piglet is a sign that says trespassers will.. IN the Soviet cartoon explanation concerning the meaning of this V. was omitted by specifying only that the value of the inscription is unknown to anyone. The fact that the original inscription TRESPASSERS W. written on the label of the patch, and transferred some to PRIVATE or OUTSIDERS S. V. translates literally as VIOLATORS Z. and echoes ShotНарушителей Trespassers Will Be shot. Here is a twist In the words of the pig it is short for Trespassers William was the name of his grandfather and in addition William is reduced Will. CHAPTER THREE in which Pooh and Piglet went hunting and almost caught a Buck Best friend of Winnie the Pooh tiny Piglet named Piglet lived in a great big house on a big, big tree. The tree stood in the middle of the Forest the house was in the center of the tree and the Piglet lived in the middle of the house. But near the house stood the column on which was nailed the broken plaque with the inscription and the one who knew a little reading could read It No one else could read even one who knew how to read quite well. Once Christopher Robin asked the Piglet what's written on the Board. Piglet said that there

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