Smooth-bore hunting rifles

04 january 2017, 02:09

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A smoothbore weapon is a shotgun with a smooth bore. Of all the types of firearms that exist today smoothbore is the oldest it has now become almost synonymous with hunting weapons. There are many types and models of guns but mostly they are divided according to the method of loading and the number of trunks. They are used for hunting for sports for self defense and for recreational shooting. In our store you can buy smoothbore hunting rifle of various calibers and types we always have a wide range of quality domestic and imported weapons from manufacturers. To obtain a license a permit to purchase shotguns, you must contact the center for license and permits of. The possibility of ordering If you have not found a suitable weapon then do not worry You can always order from us any you like the gun Shipping via special courier service In our store there is a possibility of delivery of smooth-bore hunting weapon with a special communication to different parts of our country. For more information call 496 618-62-52 or click on the link. Dear visitors, please note that prices and availability of products listed on the website may differ from prices and availability at the store. Availability and prices please call 8496618-62-52. On all questions can contact our sellers or by telephone 8496618-62-52 How to buy weapons and other issues in the FAQ section Copyright © 2011-2016 Hunter Kolomna 140415 Moscow region, Kolomna, St. Uman 19a POM 34 tel.

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