Single-shot smooth-bore gun OF 93 Fermer

04 january 2017, 02:09

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Start gt Shotguns gt single shot shotgun OF 93 Farmer Author 02012015 OF 93 Farmer is single-shot shotgun. Officially it is called the farmer's Hunting rifle and there are several modifications OF THE 93-31-OF-93-31P OF-93-31Ш OF-93-38. Designed for use on farms and for hunting. The gun is positioned as hunting and farming can be used as a weapon of self-defense. Removed the barrel of my gun is the rocket launcher 4-gauge. Unfortunately currently available only missiles imported at a price which varies from 80 to 200 rubles. Lifting height of 120 meters zvezdi range of 150 meters. Warranty shooting practice 2000 shots. In the passport device written what is the maximum number of rounds and what caliber it can be done. OF 93 Farmer with shotguns replacement barrels 28 and 12 gauge works with standard hunting ammo with a length of 70 mm. Possible hunting or site security guarding, with small-shot cartridges with plastic paper metal cartridges of the appropriate caliber. You can also shoot a special flying syringes SHL-28 to vaccinate or immobilization of wild and domestic animals. The weapons of the Farmer can be equipped by request with a barrel 32 28 20 16 12 gauges. The farmers arms is made and in export performance. The difference lies in the improved accuracy of the battle protective coating of a number of parts and in the method of preservation for delivery to remote regions. The gun OF 93 Farmer in fact is a smoothbore single shot pistol caliber 26 mm is equipped with a buttstock and forend wood and plastic and is equipped with removable shafts 28 and 12 th calibers. Model RP-93-31P is JSC Vyatskie-Polyansky machine factory Molot. And the models OF-93-31Ш and OF-93-01 Central design Bureau CKBA tank construction in the city of Tula. The model OF-93-01P butt wood with the larger forend. And the model OF the 93-01 metal butt. The highlight of the design is the modularity of this weapon. The barrel for firing ammunition 12 gauge is removed and the gun converted to pistol 4 calibre. By the way, besides the signal rounds one time there were 4 ammunition-caliber traumatic action with a rubber bullet intended for a police carbine KS-23 and its civilian counterpart, the duck. Unfortunately now those no more as the use of such rounds OF 23 becomes in fact the short arms of self-defense which is forbidden by our legislation. The trigger mechanism has no fuse as such but the front part of the handle has a key for

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