Safe for the gun (part 1)

04 january 2017, 02:08

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Tweets user IgorManBlog Published in ampnbspОружие May 6 Hello Dear Future Hunters If You have reached this page means You've decided to hunt although it is possible You are considering a gun only as a means of self-defense and You have the choice of a safe for Your weapon of the future safe for first rifle. If so then this material specially for You in This review I want to open a small series of articles devoted to gun safes safes which according to our legislation it is possible to store long rifles and short firearms. At the beginning of a small digression we ie, regular citizens can obtain the right to own civilian weapons which includes 1. short rezinostrela firearms limited destruction ooop 2. firing smoothbore long barrel weapons 3. firearms, long-barreled weapon with a rifled barrel. The first is the traumatic weapon to it at the moment a large part of the materials of my blog. The second type of firing smoothbore long barrel weapons this is the weapon with which any beginning hunter or a more serious samooborony. Well, the right to own firearms the third kind of long-barreled firearms with a rifled barrel can only be obtained after five years of excellent firearms smoothbore long-barreled weapons i.e. # 2. By the way, it should be noted that in the beginning I had a little slip of the tongue as this material will be useful not only novice hunters are those who have decided to buy your first gun safe but for experienced owners rifled. For gun safes discussed in this series very versatile. Just want to note that writing this series of articles is dedicated to safes for guns was possible only with the assistance of my old friends from the online store SafeMoney.Ru. With these guys I met when I considered the options of choice safe for handgun self defense which was dedicated to my review of the box gun. Again, I promonitorit market safes and found that today the leading position in terms of price-quality-range is still the online store SafeMoney.Ru they are the same Оружейка.Ru which is the company the Secret Service. Secret Service-M is a leading company in the production of various gun cabinets this is all to say. I again asked for help in the review to SafeMoney.Ru. For the series of articles was selected three gun Cabinet whose task was to ensure the safety of the long guns. And weapons are totally different to review I chose are so different and serious types

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