Rifle for life (Part I)

04 january 2017, 02:09

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Article Shotguns 2026 0.0 0 May 18 marks 65 years since the birth of the SHOM - school weapon skills left a significant mark in the history of Russian hunting weapons and Russian decorative art. Established immediately after world war II at the Tula arms factory SHOM was subsequently merged with the TsKIB COO Central design research Bureau of sporting and hunting weapons. For six decades, from the walls of the SHOM out talented master of arms. Unfortunately SHOM no longer exists. The market is saturated with weapons led to a sharp decline in the number of individual customers provides the main flow of orders to the guns of high distinction. Wealthy Russians prefer foreign weapons. For the majority of consumers belong to middle class domestic high parsing weapons simply can not afford. This weapon is gradually becoming a lot of collectors and fans. Leave the old master. With them disappears the whole era high of the Armory arts and crafts. Us that she leaves Alive the tradition of unique craftsmanship The purpose of these notes is true and correct based on the documents and testimonies of participants to tell the story of the revival of the production of guns high parsing in our country to introduce with great samples Armory art to pay tribute to the Great Masters of Russia. A few words about guns high parsing NOTE IN TsKIB COO instead of the term high analysis use the term high class. Approx. author. Most authors writing about hunting weapons marked as to its classification. Juggling with language piece gift elite upper class and so on causing confusion in the minds of consumers and bewilderment professionals. The English have the concept of Best Gun - best weapon. Such weapons produce three firms from London Purdue James Purdey and Sons Holland-Holland Holland amp Holland and Boss amp Boss Co Gunmakers Ltd.. specialists and hunters have come to a common opinion that Purdue is the best horizontale boss is the best vertikalka Golland Golland is the best rifled gun with horizontally paired trunks - the fact that we are not quite right but for a long time called fitting. There are companies including in the UK producing weapons are not worse. But the best remain only these three. Best Gun is the recognition of professionals and consumers is more art than simply a production with a large share of manual labor is the pinnacle of the weapons hierarchy. In Russia there is a concept weapons high discrimination. Discussion on what parameters can be attributed to one or another gun in this category is not closed. So I limit myself to that

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