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The gun is a symbol of the hidden anger of the dreamer or hidden danger. A burst of firing and other sounds heard during sleep encourages you to listen to some news to be ready. To see the gun will clash with someone. Shoot it a quarrel which will end with reconciliation. Disassemble, assemble and clean your rifle to rethink its plans to allocate priority cases. Shoot in my sleep from the gun to the man it is said that in sex you're rude. More precisely we can say that the romantic feelings you possess rarely and your partner naturally see it as callousness. Blame you can put rapid cooling after lovemaking. You almost never say kind words but during sex silent. You do not care about the interests of the partner which makes them frequent change. The gun is a symbol of the penis. If you charge the gun you are preparing for the upcoming or potential sexual contact. If you admire your gun take care of him or smeared him you prefer to engage in self-gratification. If you have a lot of guns you are promiscuous. If you choose a gun you have a large choice of partners but you want to find a most beloved and decent man. If your rifle is in poor or faulty this suggests a possible diseases of the sexual organs or impotence. If a man shoots someone with a gun he wants to join with him in sexual contact. If a woman shoots someone with a gun she wants to have lesbian love. If a woman shoot a gun she anticipates the imminent sexual contact. If a man fired from a gun, he may be homosexual claims. Misfire when firing a gun tells of a failed sexual contact or impotence. Hunting rifle in a dream suggests that some of your ideas will require you to extract patience and ability to be decisive at the right moment, only in this case, the dream promises you success. Meet in a dream a man with a gun a sign that someone in your entourage is waiting for an opportunity to implement some of their plans. If you see someone aiming at you from a gun such a dream suggests that in reality you risk to become a victim of someone's intentions and it may come as a complete surprise. The gun quarrels grief but things will get better soon. Rifle boasting the bragging rights. The gun will occur a minor quarrel with empty threats. The gun will get a warning. The gun in the dream to unintentional offense. A gun a quarrel trouble. To charge the gun to the important

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