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04 january 2017, 02:09

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Read the funniest jokes about the gun. We have collected all the jokes about the gun there is in the network. - site good mood more than 100 new jokes daily. Ambulance My son just swallowed a cartridge from a hunting rifle What do I do he lies quietly until we get there. But not point it at anyone... Imagine yesterday going hunting I forgot to take the gun. It's frustrating. And when you mention it unfortunately only then when they brought the wife of the hare. The man went hunting for bear. I found the den shot doublet gets into it and there's the bear alive. Cho man you wanna kill me Huh... Well, then choose or bullied or raped... the Man thought about it and agreed to a second. Returned to the village took a gun more powerful cartridges and more returned to the den, shot the whole. Gets into it and there is the same bear alive and everything is repeated. A very angry man coming home takes the grenade machine gun is returned to the den throws grenades shoots from a machine gun. Climbs again and there the smoke of the sitting bear and the Man surprised asked I can not understand you or hunter email protected The hare and the moose found a gun and consider it from different sides. Rabbit looking down the barrel of a moose accidentally touched the trigger of the horn suddenly shot a hare swings for the bushes. Moose slowly moves the bushes to watch the rabbit without your head beating in convulsions. Moose says Neigh freak I almost crap Fired 10 years hanging on the wall a gun citizen Sidorov. But don't hit Mother-in-law escaped with only three blows with the butt on the back. Piglet and Pooh found the gun. Looking at. Winnie the butt and Piglet looking down the barrel. Vinnie accidentally pulls the trigger a shot rings out. Piglet twitches in its death throes. Vinnie You funny pig and I was almost deaf. Tomorrow you on Kirkorov will go Not will not go. I have neither gun nor license... If I be myself then people will soon be drawn to the gun. A man with a gun will always find a purpose in life. Frank was well finished school went to College after graduation found a job save money for a gun and shot himself. But since he just saved money and not bought it then shot it with a slingshot. Though not the first time. Yikes Neighbors bought a gun Like it's time to tie with karaoke... My husband got the sausage. From that horrible crossbow in trauma gun Slipped at the factory. Pure is not where clean and where the janitor with a gun. The watchman Petrovich does not have guns throws a packet of salt. All managed to assemble a portfolio, Nothing has been forgotten Notebook pen diary books a pencil case a gun took Read the most funny and hilarious jokes on our Jokes Daily replenishment of new hilarious jokes

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