In the Saratov region imposed another ban on hunting.

04 january 2017, 02:10

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In the Saratov region imposed another ban on hunting. The restriction has spread to areas of the four public hunting grounds Finikin beam Priuzenskiy Zhdanov and peace. The corresponding decree was signed by the Governor Valery Radaev. About three million rubles collected in 2016 from the guilty persons on account of compensation of harm caused to the animal world. For violation of hunting regulations in respect of 635 instituted administrative proceedings material to 61 case referred to law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution. Currently hunted for Amateur hunters generally is game birds as well as small and medium-sized wild animals. Shoot hunting is mainly for moving small target. So the advantage here is a smooth-bore shotguns. For shooting at fast moving targets when hunting for birds small and medium-sized animals is introduced in the end of XVI century Grabovoi hunting rifle. Existing hunting shotgun pellet rifles can be subdivided in the following main characteristics. According to the method of loading Shompolnye charging with the muzzle of the fowling piece had before the great October socialist revolution and in the first years after her widely spread in our country at present almost entirely superseded by breech-loading cartridge rifles. This contributed to the rapid transformation of our country from a backward agrarian country into an industrial with advanced technique. Breech-loading - cartridge hunting rifle charging unitary cartridges appeared in the first half of the nineteenth century. It was a shotgun side-fire lefoshe. In 1861 appeared the Central gun fight charging also a unitary cartridge. Breech-loading rifle and rapid-much safer shompolnye convenient for inspection, cleaning and insensitive to wet weather. By the number of barrels Single-barreled gun Central battle in turn are divided into singly and multiply magazine and machines. Single-barrel single-shot rifle can be trigger with the trigger in the middle of the pads, and occasionally a side of the trigger is hidden in the block and a bolt-action like the battle rifle. Among single-shot single-barrel shotguns are the most popular with our hunters deserved, Il-5, and HCC models Izhevsk factory. It is durable easily arranged fight with a good cheap hunting rifle. Single-trigger Central combat shotgun IZH-5 is made of 16 20 24 and 28 gauges. His trunks are made from conventional steel And can withstand 50 shooting smokeless powder. Barrel length 740 mm cylindrical drill head only 01 mm. a cartridge Chamber 70 mm. Gun weighs about 2985 kg bed

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