Hunting rifle TOZ-34: features and description

04 january 2017, 02:10

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TOZ 34 shotgun with light weight for use on commercial and recreational hunting. The gun manufactured at the Tula factory from 1964 by the piece. In 1965 TOZ-34 won the gold medal at the Leipzig fair and from 1969 became mass-produced. The gun has excellent balance and a good accuracy of the battle which is an indicator of high grade weapons. Structural diagram of the TOZ-34 at the same time original and uncomplicated. Modern appearance of the gun was formed. For example, there was a replacement of the plastic recoil pad, rubber shock absorber also the butt of the gun was modernized. Improved mechanism for assembling and disassembling the shotgun. Detachable, the gun barrel are arranged vertically. Grip the barrel block and of the box rifle designed unique as it is made with appendage connection. This constructive scheme allows the trunks in the box to sit much lower which makes the gun a sophisticated appearance. The sockets have this gun there are different types Choc top polusharnirnye. Ring hinges and frame of constipation are used to grip the trunks with the box. The trigger mechanism has two types of trigger pull front back. TOZ-34 has pointers cocking the trigger. Against unexpected shots triggered the manual safety sear which produces constipation. To get the spent shell casings need to open the trunks with the help of ejector. The fore-end of the weapons produced integrally cast fastening with screws. In modern models it has a rounded shape. Most models of shotguns designed for cartridges 12 caliber at least on the 20 28 and 32. Among hunters it is considered that the TOZ-34 has better combat than the IZH-27 as it has a strong chalky. Shooting at the TOZ-34 is possible at the highest level. With it you can easily shoot a boar but this production only skilled hunters. If you make shooting clothing without sleeves that you can feel the heavy blows from guns and rubber recoil pad in this case does not help. But in the winter, the strikes are not noticeable. White pad makes the gun original elegant look but it is inappropriate from the point of view of camouflage and with black Shoe these guns are made infrequently. Unlike shotguns 20-gauge 12-gauge shotguns and 28-gauge are produced in various designs from conventional to gift. Small-caliber of the model TOZ-34 have the same size pads as all shotguns 12-gauge. These pads attach to the gravity guns but not inferior in reliability. The gun barrel are detachable vertically and have a standard muzzle narrowing. The trigger mechanism is located on a private basis. Have a TOZ-34 cartridge cases ejected usual extractor and

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