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Auto and Moto industries 196770 Auto and Moto industries Furniture and interior 177435 Furniture and interior Clothing and footwear 208962 Clothes and shoes Auto and Moto industries 10176 Auto and Moto industries Medical services 11625 Medical services Insurance services 2062 Insurance services Total positions A shotgun is a type of firearm designed for bagging a variety of game in order to fishing a sport or for entertainment. There are many types of this weapon which can vary the number of trunks one -, two - triple type of smoothbore barrels rifled by the location of the guns rifle and horizontally mode of fire automatic is not automatic. Today hunting is actively used at the enterprises for production of animal fur. In particular, such weapons are suppliers of the wolf the Fox and bear fur. Often these guns can be found in house hunters-lovers who on weekends for fun hunting for some species of birds or animals for example for rabbits. Hunting rifles are considered legal weapons but to buy them you must obtain the appropriate permissions. The rifles themselves are expensive so buy them people from middle or high income although there are exceptions. The first analogues of a hunting rifle appeared in the XIV century. The first countries which have started to use this kind of weaponry was England, Germany and France. While hunting with firearms is almost indistinguishable from the army. Only at the end of the XV century this type of arms he began to develop his distinctive features number of guns, their shape and location. 1 period shompolnye weapons include silicon or a matchlock lock 2 the period of the shock-capsule weapons 3 period breech-loading weapons with unitary cartridges. Leading manufacturers Hunting is one of the most popular Hobbies of many people in Russia. As a result, production and sales of hunting rifles arranged at a high level. The best companies in this area are Promtekhnologiya, OOO Cartridge Baikal arms company, go the Pace the Concern Kalashnikov JSC Novoanninsk etc. Today are very popular breech-loading a shotgun. For the product shot is almost never used powder except for some old models. Buying the gun is important to remember that rifled guns can be purchased only those who have at least five years of experience of owning smooth-bore guns. Beginners are recommended smoothbore counterparts. Category Filters Price UAH Brand Country of origin Shipping countries View of the barrel of the gun We have created for you private office

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