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04 january 2017, 02:09

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  • (0 / 5) Andrey Shalygin Russian hunter of course segment shotganom more intuitive and familiar than the segment of the rifles which we considered yesterday. In General, the situation with the hunting smooth-bore and rifled guns in Russia looks like a very bad Comedy. This side is even good that Russia is hunting all that bad because when the country 15 million not very rich people scrape pudendal trunks is somehow to endure. Imagine in America, 14 million hunters how I would feel about our prices and range of Yes, despite the fact that there are guns in homes are not only hunters but still far and not only for each of the barrel not counting the snub. So to neresnica Russian hunter if your hands and walk then buy it yourself waste letter voenproma and calm down on this. But if richer the sparse selection of monopoly segment, it will allocate for triple the price compared to the us. Two years after the premiere of a novelty. And in General I do not aspire to review one day of the world Show to put the whole dimension hunting gladkostvol in the world. It would be foolish. Who knows in Las Vegas business card - a bunch of clowns by Elvis with whom everything is photographed for any reason. Well, since SHOT-SHOW then the main stand Beretta of course came running Elvises. Not 20-30 rifles hunting range in the American version and even minus all of the tactics. The Russian bolts for hunting in comparison with foreign does not suit, if not to demonstrate the jingoism of poverty and stupidity of the owner because it is made by a residual principle from what it was in the Arsenal of the armed forces and as a substitute of missing in the country niche tactical civilian weapons. - sports - there really competitive only 2-3 option which the manufacturers never admit it but when in London from 15 wins 13 medals one brand - the conclusions will even forgive a fool, but it all depends on the kind of because in the so-called sports were not only the ladders of the hermitages stands of the trench but 3D shooters to which the usual sporting guns generally have nothing to do and applies tactical farm domestics - the so-called protectice no we have no tactics in the law on civil arms we have no absolutely no completely no and even in the instructions of the interior Ministry and special forces of the Russian Federation it is not for domestic purposes of self-defense and just to scare the people of Pugachev where the Russian guns since they are almost unlike replica cheap to benefit - mainly China and Turkey which are on the market in Russia monopoly is not allowed all arms and legs and even information about them is not spread even in America, too, the market is cherish what we have not

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