How to spell the word "gun"?

04 january 2017, 02:08

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The gun ⇒ Correct spelling the gun ⇒ Vowels in the word the gun vowels highlighted in red vowels are a and e the total number of vowels 2 two stressed vowels the gun a stressed vowel is highlighted accents the stress falls on the letter e the letter e is always a shock in the word with the exception of some foreign and difficult words. unstressed vowels the gun unstressed vowels are highlighted with a dotted underline unstressed vowels are u the total number of unstressed vowels 1 one ⇒ Consonants in the word the gun consonants are highlighted in green consonants are R W the total number of consonants 2 two voiced consonants the gun voiced consonants allocated to single underline voiced consonants are R W the total number of voiced consonants 2 two ⇒ Silent letters in the word the gun silent is highlighted in blue silent are s the total number of silent one 1 ⇒ Form words shotgun-I mn. guns guns guns ⇒ The number of letters and syllables vowels 2 two consonants 2 two silent letters 1 one all letters 5 five only 2 two syllables Gun - what does the word interpretation and meaning the definition and meaning explanation of the meaning and what the word means Shotgun-I mm. guns -Jay -glam neuter Manually

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