How to choose a rifle?

04 january 2017, 02:09

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The gun consists of different components and mechanisms one way or another affect its ballistic properties. But for a quick and marksmanship still needs to be convenient and safe to use.Running to hunting, the most suitable gun weighing 28 to 33 kg. is Calculated it is. The gun should weigh 122 of the weight of the hunter. On the blind you can take the gun heavier weight to 119 of the weight of the hunter. Light weight gun for women should weigh 125 part of the weight of the owner.Shotguns 12-gauge mostly weigh 3033 kg 16 th 28 to 30 kg. If hunting is supposed to walk a long heavy rifle is a burden. In General, the hunter without any tension and fatigue should throw up a gun twenty times taking aim at the same point then it's his gun.The length of the Lodge should be selected depending on the length of the arm. Use the table. 2.3. Vertical killed the steepness of the Lodge depends on the distance between the collarbone and the eye of the shooter. Measured from the continuation of the sighting to the front edge of the comb of the butt and continue the sighting to the heel of the butt b. The corresponding values are shown in table. 2.4. You can check the vertical line camber and practical way. The shooter aims at some point at a distance of 56 m at eye level. When he took aim on the rifle strap across the trunk at 20 cm from the breech of the slice put a match. If using a match front sight the arrow is not visible then bend Lodge large for him. If the shooter sees the front sight and part of the bar the bending is small. If after a match you see only the front sight and put a match instead of the pencil closes the fly that bend is normal.The side-arm in the direction of the sighting depends mainly on the width of the chest arrow table. 2.5. A thin arrow for the removal of the Lodge to the right will be smaller.Touch the cheek of the comb must be uniform. Podsadny the ledge on the butt takes the shooter's head from the ridge and thereby eliminates the blow to the cheek allows uniformly applied does not allow the gun to fall. The projection should exactly match the lower part of the face otherwise it will only interfere. For quick shooting the crest of desirable direct and more complete. If the comb is too high, the cheek will be pressed tighter and therefore will get hit harder. The gun will improve.Bad if when shooting arrows strongly tilts his head to the right or left of rear sight. It is necessary that the leading eye is positioned in the axis of the strap of the gun. Extreme lowering of the crest in the heel unprofitable. It is desirable that the displacement of the head forward and backward along the crest of the line of sight all the time coincided with the sighting bar the line of sight. Some removed the front and rear portions of the comb for receiving the monotony of pressing cheeks. Comb should not interfere with the displacement of the thumb back when

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