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04 january 2017, 02:09

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Sporting is sport and hunting shooting with smoothbore weapon with small shot at flying through the air and on the ground moving targets breaking when hit by a fraction imitating her various trajectories of flying birds and running animals in the conditions of natural terrain features. It is a kind of imitation of hunting in what is one of the differences from the classical stand. Sporting originated in the International Federation of shooting FITASC sporting arms on some trajectories of the targets of the trench and round the stands and the introduction of new. Initially sporting was engaged as one of the methods of training in shooting and today it is an independent form of fire from shotguns with buckshot. Now on the market in stores selling guns large selection of guns for sporting. From exclusive pieces to inexpensive sporting guns. For shooting at stand must be purchased exactly a sporting weapon. Hunting weapons can not withstand those operating loads experienced by a gun when target shooting. Shotgun for sporting will be durable which is important well-balanced and shooting with it will be fun. The Federation shotgun Moscow region V Open championship of Moscow region at the sporting compact. SSK Fox hole. 20.07.2013 Results Tournament Gold Ducat - IX Cup MO. SK Russian bear. 31.08.2013 Results X Cup MO. Sporting-CD. SK Podolsk. 08.09.2013 Results Monday-Friday 1000 - Sunday 1000 2000суббота - 1800без lunch break 141021, Moscow region, Mytischi, street anniversary, D. 5тел. +7498 684-91-47 +7985 630-56-56 +7495 583-43-56 Created by

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