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04 january 2017, 02:10

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Schedule Our address Many children dream of getting a toy gun as a gift. Every kid knows what a gun and baby children's toy rifle and here is how to use them he needs to understand. To form in your child male character as well as to develop logical and constructive thinking manufacturers offer baby toy kids toy guns and rifles of different models with various spetsefektov and sounds a shot of children's toy rifle 100-charging chrome gun toy length 64 cm Material plastic metal. Caps not included. Rifle toy with light and sound battery operated 3хААLR6 1.5 Vнет. Plastic Rifle toy snabzhenec optical sight. Bandolier attached. Rifle toy is charging five cartridges, the radius of 7 m. Equipment Gun toy, Montecarlo material - metal plastic. Safe for children weapons. Included Rifle with rubber bullets series gun toy. The product is made of metal and durable plastic. Length Gun cast toy material plastic metal. Elegant design and high play value. 12-charging gun toy material metal plastic. Length gun toy 81 cm Rifle toy with BB's magazine capacity 5 bullets product material metal & plastic. Soft shells are safe when used properly. 12-charging gun toy with decorated with a silver butt. Length The range includes kids toy gun, plastic children's toy rifle made of metal. In stock in our online store Era childhood, you can choose to buy a gun and a baby toy rifle with caps and without them the model various years

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