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04 january 2017, 02:10

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When the product is in stock You will receive an SMS and or email notification. Enter Your contact information Your city Moscow call around the clock +7 495 565 3313 Free shipping from 999 R. Saint Petersburg call around the clock +7 812 313 2474 Free shipping from 999 R. Ekaterinburg call around the clock +7 343 247 8194 Free shipping from 4000 R. Nizhny Novgorod call around the clock +7 831 280 9574 Free shipping from 4000 R. Rostov-on-don call around the clock +7 863 303 3074 Free shipping from 4000 R. Chelyabinsk call around the clock +7 351 200 3294 Free shipping from 4000 R. Moscow call around the clock +7 495 565 3313 Free shipping from 999 R. Delivery across Russia call around the clock +7 800 555 3394 to know the cost delivery Search Not in the basket of goods A toy gun for a child an important toy. If all the boys in the yard playing with simulated weapons your adult children probably also want to do not to fall out of company and thus you will face a problem to buy a toy gun. The breadth of the model range of modern children's pump action guns shooting pellets allows you to buy Chad the model that will accurately replicate the arms of his favourite character or to match the historical era which is fond of the child. The toy weapon is safe enough to use. If you are afraid to buy a gun because you don't want the child accidentally shot at a live target you need to abandon the idea to buy him a toy gun. Better spend a detailed briefing which will be able to tell a child why even toy guns requires increased responsibility. Going child a gun to buy, remember that most will delight imitation of the weapons that are loved by the child heroes of books and movies especially if it's positive heroes which teach the child to always be on the side of goodness and truth. If you are sure you want kids gun with percussion caps to buy pay attention to those models which can arouse your child's interest in history or will help get a better feel for its atmosphere. It is in a game format, children are the easiest to remember and to feel the interest in learning new facts. An example of such historical arms can be children toy hunting gun Мontecarlo 84 cm It looks just like a real however, has a number of advantages of the necessary to children's toys. Firstly it is easy a child will not be tired running around the yard with this gun. Secondly, it shoots pellets and the sound of the shot does not exceed the permissible limit of 125 decibels. Model guns Мontecarlo perfect children's pump

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