First gun of God

04 january 2017, 02:10

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People say that the first wife of God from the people of the second and third from the devil. That's anything I object but exactly the same happens with the choice of gun Because the first gun is selected inexperienced person. And when the knowledge gap it partly begins to fill the heart. The result usually turns out a perfectly balanced choice. The second trunk we already choose armed with the advice of a seasoned teammates acquired the whims partially a desire for something new. Choose. All is well. We all love it. No flaws. Went hunting with him again the second the third And the fourth somehow get it from the safe old. Well, with the third gun all clear we have the rage of some of his unrealized fantasies and think that if we could get the most expensive brand the most rapid-firing in General, something tempting the spirit then we will be happy. And sorely mistaken. Thus, by themselves, guns can be innocent like nothing is deserved. Technically my first gun was captured grandfathers shotgun Sauer 16 gauge 1928 issue type Stork if someone has something to say. But since I did not choose but inherited actually it was my mother sample is perfect, though inexpensive gun tuning fork determined my hunting tastes for life. This first love was a rusty single-barreled Kurkova Il-17 in the same caliber. Nobody ever cleaned not repaired did not like, and generally the impression that I ripped it out of the hands of a company of drunken brutes. But all of my best hunting achievements and the pleasant memories associated with this gun, which another man and a gun do not accept. That markovochka I then betrayed. But let's not argue Second wife I got five pump action Mossberg. Why Yes, because a cheap universal set of two trunks plus choke tube pistol grip for a change to a short barrel but would like something new in terms of the system and because as noted by a highly experienced friend, along with whom we've chosen the trunk of the Americans once hunted and this is What the gun was I then I will not tell. Hit speaking figuratively in shaped weapons fornication. There were guns and very good quality and a decent fight. But the joy and such magnificent trophies which brought me ravenica wonky done and in the trash killed the first agnotology nothing to me. What this parable Before choosing your first hunting rifle I want you to understand more importantly what gun will you LIKE the more you spend time with him the more you will spend time with him the better you and he will interact more shoot and

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