First Coin Company Reviews and feedbacks - Best coin seller in Califronia, USA

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First Coin Company Reviews and feedbacks - Best coin seller in Califronia, USA


First coin company Banknotes of different countries  - a real passion for many collectors. For true connoisseurs of history, ancient and interesting things on our website open auctions of coins in Belarus. Any numismatist can place here your message, complete your collection or to share examples of unnecessary. Perhaps, of no value to you a coin for a long time is needed to someone to complete the collection.


In the "Coins review" you'll find all the latest ads for buying and selling of coins from different historical periods. If you decide to place your item for sale, enter in the title year, material, period. Uploaded photos will make your ad more appealing to potential buyers. The price of the lot can be set fixed, or offer only a starting amount. In the second case, visitors will bet and fight for your suggestion in the form of an auction.


We decided to look for the completion of the collection? Browse offers section. Gold, silver, commemorative banknotes are waiting for their new owners. To buy coins, you need to bet and then keep track of the auction. It may happen that in the description of the lot will not be what you need. All interesting details can be discussed with the owner of the lot in the comments. If you do not want to spend money on mailing, please use the filters on the left, and select the desired city. For example, you will be shown only offer on the sale of coins in California.

We will offer you the best prices on the market for:


Gold bullion coins Nicholas 1898-1911gg 2;

Silver royal rubles 1 Peter, Catherine, Alexander, Nicholas and 2 others;

Copper penny money and all the rulers of the good state of preservation;

Any other coins of the Russian Empire 1700-1917gg release;

Ancient coins wire (flakes) of pre-Petrine times.

Most valuable gold and platinum coins, as well as rare coins of silver. Most copper coins and cents Tsarist Russia sought only in the good condition.


Recommendations for storage of coins from precious metals

Articles of precious metals must be stored in conditions that preclude their mechanical damage. The minimum recommended storage temperature of coins 5 ° C, maximum 40 ° C. When storing coins with inlays of precious stones should avoid exposure to rapidly changing temperatures.


Do not store the coins with such materials like household chemicals, cosmetics, medicines that contain the active chemical compounds. Particularly dangerous near coin storage compounds such as chlorine, iodine or mercury. For example, the proximity of the coins on the same shelf with closed vial of iodine can cause permanent damage: on the product appear brown spots or dark patina.


Strongly recommended to store collectible coins without the factory packaging (rigid transparent capsules) in albums made of polyvinyl chloride (colorless, transparent plastic, thermoplastic polymer), as this may degrade the quality of the coins due to the fact that over time, PVC is destroyed by issuing organochlorine compounds that can cause greenish plaque on the coins.


It is preferable not to store the coins, together with banknotes, as in the paint and paper contains sulfur compounds that can cause darkening of the surface.


Coins by quality "proof" of pressing after removing them from the machine packed in rigid transparent capsule. This is done to protect the coins from contact with solid objects, dust and foreign coin on fine particles, which can damage the mirror surface. In this case the mirror surface of coins by quality "proof" could be damaged even the smallest touch. Therefore, do not disturb the original packaging. If it becomes necessary to remove the coin from its protective capsule, it is desirable to take it only for the lateral surface (drove) is a soft-tipped tweezers or a special cotton gloves. For example, silver is very sensitive to human sweat and individual acid-alkaline environment, human and if you do not use tweezers or a special cotton gloves coin of silver can be oxidized and painted in gray, brown, purple or red colors.


At the same coin by quality "proof" it is not recommended to clean gold and silver.


In the case of stains on investment coins made of gold and silver in the performance of "uncirculated", they can be removed by a variety of cotton cloths for polishing silver, on the market. At the same time also need to wear cotton gloves. To remove stains, you need to open the capsule, remove the coin and put it on one end of the cloth from the clean side and the other end of the napkin to wipe the coin.

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