Famous Scandinavian Interior Designer - Elin kicken Nordic

05 january 2017, 06:09

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Famous Scandinavian Interior Designer - Elin kicken Nordic

Interior Design (interior design) - the design industry, focused on interior space to ensure comfort and an aesthetically pleasing environment interaction with people. Interior design combines art and industrial design. Designer performs the optimization of the labor room, improves navigation in large areas, develops design of specialized facilities (eg, recording studios, film editing, photography, water parks) according to customers' requirements. Designer manages the entire process of interior decoration from the room layout, lighting, ventilation, acoustics; finish the walls; and ending with the placement of furniture and installation of navigation marks.
The interior design, both in terms of architecture, there are many different styles that have emerged in different historical epochs. One and the same room, for example, a conference room can be decorated in different styles: high-tech, Romanesque, Modernism and so on. List of interior styles broader than architecture.
Interior Design starts with drawing up a design project - a set of documents describing the functional and design solutions, they contain space drawings and descriptions of all the details of the future interior, including interior materials and layout communications. The present draft terms of reference, which describes all the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Initially measurements are made facilities, and then developed exemplary planning concepts and sketches. At this stage, the designer offers its customers several options for planning the distribution of the major functional areas and arrangement of furniture. Since 3D-modeling - labor-intensive process, detailed three-dimensional models are developed only after consultation with the customer at the point of the indicative planning.

After the approval of the placement areas are developed designing blueprints of electrical wiring and location of the planned electrical appliances (lighting, electric heating, etc.); if necessary, carried out changes in the layout drawings; Plan ceilings and flooring, accommodation plumbing, sheet, containing information about the finish and ordered the materials and pieces of furniture and decor.

The next step is the implementation of the planned activities; at this stage the designer supervises the work finishing and repair teams, providing customers with the required construction documents.

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