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04 january 2017, 02:09

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The Kopaev Kolmakov, D. C. Almost everyone who wanted to join the hunt dreamed of going for the ducks. Hunting for waterfowl can be called the most popular. The reason is probably the fact that the duck is the only fowl available to the gaze of the neophyte. He instinctively distrust other game you've ever seen. And the ducks here, they are coming up the legs on a pond in the Park so to get them is not difficult. Um...But here are a beginner or already an experienced hunter-watnik froze in indecision at the gun shop what to prefer At the opening of the summer season, hunters take position on routes along the shore, making the morning or evening exercise ducks. For many end-thrust of the morning around seven ends but hunt for particularly hard-nosed is only the beginning. And if the flight can be stand with any shotgun 12 or 16 gauge only important to you yourself liked to climb half a day in marshes, ditches and reeds will be comfortable with a gun which in addition to the good fight has such advantages as minimal weight, good balance and prekladatele. For heap fight at this time of year is not worth chasing as the ducks allowed close and shoot at a distance less than 30 m more effective than a gun with a set of chokes 025-05 mm. 075 maximum Trigger guns dear to the heart of lovers of antiquity but to climb on the roof supports without a solid support under the feet with a cocked trigger dangerous. So the best option would be askurava weighing 25-3O kg. Closest of the local approach in this category TOZ-34 or earlier TOZ-25. Izhevsk rifles of course is also nice but heavy and difficult to walk the lands would be burdensome. The choice in favor of a 16-or 20-gauge is justified if they have a characteristic for these calibers light weight and is extremely old or foreign guns. Tula and Izhevsk nowadays trash their guns in these calibers is not easier 12. With the end of summer running hunting on small bodies of water stops and starts classic duck hunt with taxidermy and decoy from susedoc located on the passage of a wide expanse of water. Shooting overgrown with fat and thick and sturdy feather usmaterial to injury the birds are often at extreme distance requires a massive heap of battle and therefore the maximum caliber.Lengthening of the barrel has a positive impact on the field of battle on accuracy and uniformity shot talus. When shooting buckshot from shotgun 12-gauge is the best barrel length 80 cm With a spread of smokeless powder guns hunting rifles have become shorter since it is less sensitive to the length than black and a small loss in the quality of the fight can be neglected for the sake of ease of weapons and improve his balance. And the introduction of

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