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For a long time, hunting remained prevalent in the life of a person method of obtaining food. At the dawn of humanity in primitive tribes, men hunted with spears and batons to mammoth. Later with the advent of bow and arrow hunting animals were birds and fleet-footed deer. And when the Chinese invented gunpowder era firearms but left the era of hunting as the main source of animal meat for people. It acquired the status of entertainment which is indulged in by kings and nobles. The development of consciousness flourishing civilization, technological progress has led to that method obtaining food by hunting became unprofitable and time-consuming. In the meadows herds of domesticated animals on farms are rising pork and beef chicken and duck. But... Today in the age of high technology, solid electronics and computerization, the beast is still going with that gun and that is all the spiritual passion and centuries-old appeal of hunting for men. A true hunter knows the habits of the beast firsthand not to kill unnecessarily and taking care of the gifts of nature no less than a little sensitive about his gun. He cherishes and nurtures it complies with all precautions carefully monitors the serviceability of the oil and rubs as the most precious thing in his life. The TOP 10 most popular domestic sporting shotguns includes brands such as single-barreled IZH-18 TOZ-66 and TOZ-80 IZH-54 and IZH-58 ИЖ43 and of course IL-12 and its modified descendant - IZH-27. As you can see the highest number of positions occupied by the guns of the Izhevsk mechanical plant. And this is no accident. Most rifles and pistols are created in this factory is consistently in demand by professionals and Amateurs alike. Built in 1942, the plant produced small arms for the Soviet army. Gun Degtyarev and Simonov TT pistol was the basis of his production at the time. In 1953, mass production started the famous Makarov pistol and in 1973 on the basis of a hunting rifle IZH-12 plant started production of double-barreled hunting rifle IZH-27. What changes has undergone IL-12 before turning into the IL-27 IL-12 was the first plane produced in the USSR since 1962. She was loved for reliability and ruggedness. But progress does not stand still and plant engineers a decision was made to modernize such a well-proven model. Conducted six patches The first field tests showed that the gun turned out super reliable easy to use and with excellent fighting qualities. Subsequent years brought the national love gun among hunters and sportsmen, and made him a sales leader. Let us dwell on the technical characteristics of the gun and look at it closer. It must be said that the IL-27 -

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