Chapter I. a Hunting rifle Tips for novice hunters C. I. Tamman

04 january 2017, 02:09

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Hunting rifle Lean contact us and well take care of a gun - at his age is enough. Don't shoot at noise or rustle can kill a man. S. A. Buturlin About hunting rifles manufactured in the USSR. On the hunt for a wild bird or the beast used guns of different systems with different drilling channels trunks rifled and smoothbore combined under shot and bullet cartridge. Rifled rifles in particular under small-caliber cartridge side-fire 56 mm used for commercial hunting only small game squirrel Chipmunk composite shotguns, with one or two bullet barrels calibers 65-662 9 mm and larger are used on large marine animals and boar bear elk and maral. Sport hunting for shooting at wild birds and beasts capercaillie capercaillie ducks geese and also, wolves and ROE deer are used with smooth-bore gun which at distances up to 50 m with the success of the striking bullet and large animals as bear moose wild boar and others. So I will try to familiarize the reader with the smooth-bore hunting rifles that produce our Soviet factories. A novice hunter can purchase he needed a gun in the hunting stores or shops consumer cooperative societies. We will not describe shompolnye smoothbore rifles are now not produced by our plants and completely supplanted by the more convenient breech-loading smoothbore muskets. Stop for breech-loading guns. These hunting shotgun single barrel and double barrel with horizontally and vertically paired trunks bokflint triple barrel gun with a third bullet barrel and an automatic shotgun pellet shotgun three - and five-charging are produced in large quantities and the range of our plants. Charged with the Treasury ready rounds of single-barreled shotguns come in single shot and multi-charged at the last bullets are placed in the store that gives you the opportunity quick recharge of a gun. Single-barreled single-shot rifles much cheaper triple-barreled and repeating shotguns and easier to handle. Single-barreled magazinki can recharged by the hand of the hunter or automatically by the recoil force of the pressure of powder gases when fired. Multiply single-barrel shotguns especially auto-give the ability to immediately repeat a few shots. Double-barreled the gun also gives the opportunity to repeat the shot, if desired hunter-arrow - the larger the number of shot of buckshot. Various drilling barrels of guns gives different accuracy scree shot goal charge as well as the sharpness of the battle. Drilling at double-barreled shotguns left the trunk at the chalk polochak gives a sharp and heap fight guns than the right trunk which

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