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The gun underwater harpoon guns harpoon guns for domestic Technical data - gun for underwater hunting RPP Detailed information on the underwater gun of RPP, refer to the user Manual Short shotgun RPP-4 is ideal for hunting in shallow water near the shore in the reeds. Also that gun is more comfortable in conditions of poor visibility. The convenient location of the lever allows to make the shot from a very close distance if the lever is shifted back that shot very difficult to do. RPP-M long gun for underwater hunting. Best suited for hunting on open water and deep waters in good visibility. Has a high reliability and simplicity of design Gun for spearfishing Shark like all pneumatic gun does not consume air when fired. So for a long time you can use it without additional swap some dirty tricks claim that the air in the chamber enough for the whole season. CALL Domestic gun for underwater hunting RPP-RPP 2 40 short pnevmaticheskie with pump length of the receivers 40 cm distance of 65 m Included CALL Domestic speargun weapon for spearfishing long pneumatic with pump length of the receiver 60 cm distance 65 m Included Carl Zeiss AG is a German company specializing in the field of optics. Founded as a workshop for the production of precision optics by German inventor Karl

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