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04 january 2017, 02:09

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Crime reports Crime reports Crime reports Crime reports Crossbows can be a toy for recreation and entertainment and for hunting small game and the most powerful of them on a large animal. The main criterion is the tension force. Well, with toy plastic, everything is clear, they are designed for children and are unable to injure. Remington 870 American rifle introduced in 1950 by Remington Arms company. Remington 870 due to its characteristic recharge is one of the most famous pump action shotguns in the world. Revolvers of this series are available in eight variants. They differ in the material of frame - steel or Zamak alloy with a length of the barrel shape of the grips with adjustable sights color execution of the case. All the revolvers the Storm is equipped with a trigger mechanism double action. Revolvers are about the suburban firm Tekhnoarms. The Steyr pistol M-A1 10x28 caliber is a firearm limited destruction fire which is by cartridges of traumatic action 10x28 equip rubber balls. Self-loading pistols are manufactured by Austrian arms firm Steyr Mannlicher 1912 and have an excellent reputation worldwide because of its superior ergonomics a high degree of safety in the treatment of a consistently high quality reliability and excellent accuracy. TT-T is a weapon of self-defense made on the basis of military pistols Tokarev subject in force at the time of its design forensic requirements. The gun Grand Power T12 produced in Russia has no walls and pins in the barrel. New Russian Grand Power T12 is firearms limited destruction and has a certificate. Russian Grand Power T12 shoots all produced by cartridges of traumatic action caliber

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