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04 january 2017, 02:09

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Hello Glad to see you on pages of our site. Decided today will share their knowledge about the choice and properties of a pneumatic gun . And so you decided to buy a pneumatic speargun. How to choose it properly so you do not put it on AMAZON for sale and buy another one. The longer the gun the more powerful it is the first classification. Next, guns can be different versions and have different properties the most common air rifle is a pneumatic vacuum gun the gun with a dry barrel pneumatic gun well and classic air rifles Let us examine a classic BB gun. It consists of a handle there is the trigger the barrel there is a piston which pushes the harpoon and receiver nadolnik. The principle of operation of the gun is is the transfer of energy of compressed air is in the receiver piston which in turn pushes the harpoon. That's all the device. A BB gun is a little costly to maintenance once a month lubricate the mechanisms, and then the gun will serve you faithfully for many years. When buying guns, note the little book that comes in the kit. I highly recommend reading it before using the gun, and preferably twice. As often there are cases that even experienced hunters make mistakes which could be avoided by reading this booklet. Remember that a BB gun is considered a weapon which can cause great harm by careless use. Some firms manufacture supplies in the stores already filled with guns but there are cases that the plant pumped the shotgun and will need to bleed a little air pressure in the gun. How do you find out how pumped the shotgun. Test the injection gun can be very simple for this we need the usual scales. Insert the harpoon in the gun but not until the end and until the spear touches the piston. As soon as the spear touched the piston abut the sharp end of the harpoon in Libra, it is desirable to enclose the plate that would not pierce the scales, click on the gun from top to down until the spear starts to move inside of the gun as soon as the piston is moved at this point, the scale will show the air pressure in your gun. The normal pressure of 20-25 kg. After checking the air pressure may be a problem with removing the harpoon from a gun. To solve this problem that way. Take saragulka do a small loading and a sharp movement just pulls out a harpoon gun air pressure in the gun will help you to retrieve the harpoon. If you pumped the gun or you find it hard to charge you bleed

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