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04 january 2017, 02:09

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It is IMPORTANT Article is for informational purposes only. This product to sell, we have no We specialize in security services see more Reviews 4 Hunting rifle a separate category of specialized weapons designed to hold any kind of hunting. Hunting shotgun can fire small-shot bullet and the bullet-small-shot shells. Hunting smooth-bore shotgun barrels have a smooth cylindrical shape with a tapering muzzle part. This type of weapon is versatile and can be used for hunting different types of game. Lethal range up to 100 m. Rifled hunting rifles in the barrel have helical grooves which give it a passing bullet a rotary motion. Due to the increased range and killing power. Caliber hunting rifles define the purpose of the rifled barrel. They can be Triple barrel shotguns are versatile weapons and are used for all types of hunting. They consist of two horizontally welded shotgun barrels which is a rifled barrel. There are trekstock with the top two rifled barrels. Twin barrels have 12 to 20 lower caliber 9 caliber. Weight about 35 kg. The choice of weapons is affected by its design and appearance the proposed game. On the market are well represented by the following samples of rifles 1. Hunting rifles the Browning is built on the principle of gas operated automatic operation that allows you to shoot all types of ammo. Models are available with a caliber 12, 16 and 20. Hunting rifle 12 gauge have a larger diameter barrel 05 mm which reduces the friction of the charge in the barrel and increases its speed. Shop 4 rounds. Price gun Browning starts from 130 000 rubles. 2. Shotguns Benelli semi-automatic model semi-automatic 12 and 20 gauge with inertial reloading mechanism. Benelli characterized by Price on shotguns Benelli starts from 120 000 rubles. 3. Beretta hunting rifle with inertial lock. The barrels are made of steel rods processed by cold forging. Barrel length 470-760 mm capacity 4+1 cartridge. Range of sizes from 12 to 28. Price on shotguns Beretta starts from 125 000. 4. Shotguns Caesar Guerini double barrel shotgun with semiautomatic operating from the inertia of recoil. Barrel length 610-710 mm weight about 3 kg store 5 cartridges. Features of the gun The price of guns Caesar Guerini starts from 130 000 rubles. BU 80 000 rubles Weapons company offer models of several price categories available prestigious and elite. Accessible are considered hunting rifles prices starting from 1 thousand.e. The name of the required E-Mail mandatory The website Subscribe to notifications of new

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